Manu Neethi means Manu (people) Dharma dealing with mankind. This title was given only to a Chola king Ellalan who ruled part of southern India during 205-161 BC. No other king had received this title. In the history he is now popularly known as Manu Neethi Chola. He is considered to be the best ruler adopting Dharma in dealing with issues and welfare of people of his kingdom. The language of Chola kingdom is Tamil.

All subjects of Tamil Nadu are heirs of this Chola kingdom in one way or other. The founder of Manu Neethi forum felt that it is time that the people of Tamil Nadu choose leaders (rulers) like Manu Neethi Chola, their fore father.

It so happened that Manu Neethi Chola belonged to the community who spoke Tamil. This does not mean only people of Tamil Nadu are eligible to Manu Neethi rule. The founder felt that it should be lot easier to install Manu Neethi rule in Tamil Nadu first and then take it to other parts of India/World. This forum has no intention to find fault with the past or current rulers. This forum wants to find ways and means to install Manu Neethi rule in Tamil Nadu in near future

It may look impossible considering the current political system. But considering the following issues which are not addressed by the current political system, it is possible to orient the people (voters) towards electing a leader who will support Manu Neethi rule. For this we may use the current technology available to communicate and educate the people regarding choosing the right leader. It is a known fact that Tamil Nadu has got over 70% educated voters.

This forum strongly believe that the elected representatives in our democracy are the true representative of the common man and is purely a social service and should be in position to address the problems of the common citizen . All the elected representatives must be in the reach of the common people at any given time.The forum thus believes in educating the citizen of the state and the nation to make its representation by selecting the candidate on certain criteria based on Manuneethi rule .

Manu Neethi society believes that the good governance , common civil court ,right to live respectably , livelihood , education and health irrective of religion and cast is a fundamental right of the citizen. This can’t be denied. The legacy of British rule in India which was basically a military rule was carried forward in the name of democracy after independence. Hence the democracy has built in flaws not suited for Manu Neethi rule. So far no one attempted to throw the British legacy out and bring in Manu Neethi ruling sys

Apart from the above, Manu Neethi will also help the people to help themselves for betterment of live and living standards.

This forum strongly feels that both farmers and farm dependent people and also the students are left out in our nation development priority. But they constitute over 70% of our population. Unless we address the issues relating to these 2 sectors there is a no way to eradicate poverty. Without eradicating poverty, we can never become a developed nation.n tune with the said policies we outlined our action plans which are given in our goal.

Donation will be accepted for the following purpose:

1. Farmer’s welfare: Manu Neethi Foundation (MNF) will organize various welfare programs for the farmers that will ultimately make them to stand on their own leg and live with pride that they feed even the king.

  • For Example, MNF will make the farmers to earn a net profit of Rupees one lakh per year.
  • To achieve this MNF will encourage the farmers to do organic farming and will make them achieve production target.
  • Doing value addition to get better price is also one of the programs.

2. Job opportunities for Youth: Manu Neethi Foundation (MNF) will implement programs like Manufacturing organic fertilizers and organic pest controls. This will create a huge job opportunity for the youth.

3. Good Governance: Manu Neethi Foundation (MNF) will also concentrate in establishing Good Governance in TamilNadu. For this various program to be conducted based on the need of people(farmers). Accepted donations will be utilize for these purpose, Click here to donate