• To install Manu Neethi rule in Tamil Nadu first and then in India and spread the concept worldwide.
  • To help farmers and farm dependent people to increase their living standard and make them to earn at least Rs. 1 Lakh per acre per year. This will eradicate unemployment and poverty.
  • To help students to get the best suited education that is acceptable for industry which will ultimately employ.
  • To make the following as fundamental right for the Citizens:
    a) Manu Neethi Rule
    b) Free meaningful education
    c) Health care
    d) 24/7 Water for homes
    e) Easy Toilet access


  • The statement listing the “Target / Goal” outlines the mission
  • Cleaning up political system
  • Eradicating hunger and poverty
  • Imparting the right education
  • Providing drinking water to every home on 24/7 basis
  • Providing water for irrigation for at least 2 crops a year
  • Selling farm produce for the farmers so that they earn at least Rs 1.00 lac / acre / year
  • Achieving farm produce export of over one Trillion US$ / year
  • Starting TV channel for farmers and also promoting ancient way of life to achieve peace and tranquility amongst the married couple and also amongst the people of India.
  • Making farmer and farm workers self-supporting and stopping Government subsidies and loans.
  • Making farm education compulsory at schools
  • Making yoga compulsory at school
  • Free education to all right up to college
  • Meaningful education so that the students are industry and trade ready when they come out of the college or school
  • Starting more Government schools and colleges
  • Toning up school and college administration using private participation